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Zazen Gatherings

Daily zazen is the foundation practice of Zen life. Group zazen inspires and helps stabilize our practice. Beginners are welcome at Sunday Zazen Gatherings, at which time there is zazen (Zen meditation) instruction. Thereafter attendance at other gathering times is also possible. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to be seated in the zendo before the period begins, anytime from 30 min. prior to starting time. Open Donation Basket. (Members: Free). Please contact the Zendo for specific dates.

Dress: For zazen, a formal zazen robe is recommended. Otherwise, wear loose fitting clothing in a solid, neutral color, floor length, and with elbow-length sleeves. Please do not wear tank tops, shorts, tight pants, or fragrance. The zendo (zazen hall) can be chilly in winter months; dressing in layers is recommended.



8:30 – 10:30 a.m.  Beginners are welcome as well as those with zazen experience. Zazen/ zazen instruction, chanting, kinhin walking Zen, and Dharma talk sometimes. Tea afterwards. Vegetarian snack offerings are welcome but not required.





6:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Chanting, zazen, kinhin walking, and prostrations. Short tea afterwards. 


To attend: please e-mail endless@epix.net or call 570-925-5077. Dates of zazen gatherings are announced by e-mail. To receive e-notices of impromptu and scheduled events, please e-mail us and ask to be put on the sangha e-list.

The residents' daily morning and evening zazen schedule is open to those who have attended an initial zazen instruction and cannot make it to the zazen gathering times or would like to intensify their daily practice. Please contact the Zendo for current days and times.

2014 Events Calendar

Sep.     5-7                Work Exchange Weekend

            26-Oct.1        Anniversary 5-Day Sesshin

Oct.     18                 Intro to Zen Training

            5-Nov. 23       Thanks Giving Food Drive

            24-Nov.15      Autumn 3-Week Sesshin

Dec.     5-7                Buddha's Enlightenment Weekend Sesshin

            31                 New Year’s Eve Candlelight Ceremony

Jan.     16-24            2015 Rohatsu Sesshin

For registration or to be added to the EMZ e-list:

please call 570-925-5077 or e-mail: endless@epix.net

Suggested Donations:

6-Week Beginner's Zen Class:  $60.

Intro to Zen Training:  $40.

One-Day Sitting: $45. (members: $35.)

Weekend Sesshin: $190. (members: $160.)

5-Day Sesshin: $300. (members: $270.)

Weeklong Sesshin: $420. (members: $380.)

Rohatsu Sesshin 2015: $450. (members: $400.)

3-Week Sesshin: $900. (members: $800.)

Kessei: $1,200. (members: $1,000.)

Overnight Prior to Event: $50. (members: $40.)

Guest Residency: $50/day ($45/day for 8 or more days)

Obon Lantern Ceremony, New Year's Eve Candlelight Ceremony: Open Donation Basket.

Work Exchange Weekend: Work Exchange with Open Donation Basket.

Consideration is made for students and hardship situations.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Endless Mountain Zendo is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.



Endless Mountain Zendo, 104 Hollow Road, Stillwater, PA 17878

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